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 Melia Varadero hotel.
 in Varadero
 from 139.00 €/night
 Melia Habana hotel.
 in Modern Havana
 from 117.00 €/night
Melia Cayo Coco hotel.
 Melia Cayo Coco hotel.
 in Cayo Coco
 from 145.00 €/night
  Old Havana
  from 33.00 €/night
  from 26.00 €/night
  Cayo Coco
  from 59.00 €/night
  Cayo Largo
  from 36.00 €/night
  Santiago de Cuba
  from 24.00 €/night
  Cayo Guillermo
  from 69.00 €/night


Below are listed the most frequently asked questions about travel to Cuba and our website.

We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, contact us directly using the customer feedback form. We will endeaviour to respond within 24 hours.

FAQs have been categorized for your convenience.

 Can I drive a Camper/RV with a standard car license?
Yes, a standard car license will suffice.
 Can I invite guests into my camper?
Some camp sites prohibit the entrance of people who are not part of your group for security reasons but, while staying elsewhere there are no restrictions on guests.
 Does the camper have a generator?
No, the camper generates enough electricity while the engine is running but for over night stays we recommend connecting to a standard power supply at a campsite or elsewhere.
 Do these campers have air conditioning?
Yes, there are two systems. The first is the standard air conditioning system from the engine and the second is an auxiliary unit for the bedroom and living areas. Both systems operate when the engine is running but, only the auxiliary unit operates when connected to a power supply.
 How easily can I rent a car?
It is advised that you reserve well in advance. Using this website you can reserve and pay for the vehicle prior to arrival. Our staff collects you from the airport or your hotel and escorts you to your vehicle at no extra charge.
 How are the roads in Cuba?
In main cities the roads are very good, well sign posted and, relatively free of traffic. None of Cuba’s major cities suffer from traffic jams so, getting around is rather easy. Main highways are rather a different story although, the existing freeways are large 4 lane affairs, they are used by bicycles pedestrians and, in some cases livestock! This limits both speed and requires that drivers be alert at all times.
 Do I need an international driving permit?
No. Cuba accepts all local driving permits from any country.
 Fines and the local police.
As with most countries Cuba is very hot on speeding, alcoholism, reckless driving and, not respecting road signs. Often times you will get away with a cautionary word but, if you are fined the fines are written onto a special area of the car rental agreement and are payable to the rental agency upon returning the vehicle. There is a special transit law for the infamous fifth avenue in Havana that prohibits; stopping on this road, turning over the center divide and, driving too slowly (believe it or not).
 Is fuel hard to find and how much does it cost?
In all major cities a refill is a cinch. If you intend to travel across the country, filling up in a major city before departing is a must because, the freeways have almost no gas stations and you may find yourself searching for the nearest town if you run low. Gasoline costs 90 cents (US), Diesel 45 cents (US) per liter (0.26 US Gallon) so, long journeys can work out expensive.
 Are there Stick (manual) or automatic shifters?
There are both. The general rule is that smaller cars are manual and, larger more luxurious cars are Automatic. If you require an automatic car it is advisable to reserve well in advance
 Can I get my local number before I leave for Cuba?
Yes, if the phone is reserved via this website we will provide your number before leaving for Cuba.
 Are there TDMA or GSM systems?
Both but, not in all areas. TDMA is the standard US frequency used in Cuba and, is nationwide. For those with GSM phones on the frequencies of 1900 and 900 there is local coverage in both Havana and Varadero only. We offer both systems along with equipment rental, etc.
 What if I use my own phone?
If your phone is duel band GSM (1900 and 900) then you will simply need to order the chip from us. If your phone is the TDMA or multi-band including TDMA then, it will need to be programmed upon your arrival. Reprogramming is sometimes not possible because some phones are blocked by the supplier to there own network. In this case we offer rental equipment.
 What currency should I bring to Cuba?
Most worldwide currencies are exchangeable at over 1000 exchange bureaus on the island. Do not bring USD to Cuba as this currency is subject to a 10% surcharge.
 Is it true that only Cuba’s local currency is accepted for purchases?
Yes, in 2004 the Cuban government mandated the exclusive use of CUC (Cuban convertible Currency) for all local transactions. Tourists are required to change their local currency into CUC which can be done at the airport or at one of 1000’s of exchange offices and hotel receptions on the island.
 What is the exchange rate from my currency to CUC?
The CUC is linked directly 1 to 1 to the USD so, whatever your local currency exchange is to the USD you will receive in CUC’s that equivalent. USD exchanged in Cuba (if you bring USD) will be subjected to a 10% penalty fee as Cuban banks are obliged to charge this amount. If you have USD you should exchange to Euro’s, CAD, Pounds, Yen or another currency before arriving as these currencies are not subject to the 10% fee and are exchanged directly.
 Why should I not bring USD to Cuba?
The USD, as currency, is considered unwelcome in Cuba and thus a special 10% charge is levied against it by all local banks.
 Can I pay for services using my credit card?
Most places accept credit cards and have electronic debit machines similar to those used worldwide. You should always check before consuming that the shop or location does accept credit cards though because machines are often unserviceable.
 Can I use a U.S. bank issued credit card in Cuba?
No, cards issued by U.S. banks are not accepted in Cuba. In most cases cards issued by subsidiaries of U.S. banks not based in the continental U.S. (e.g. CitiBank London, Paris, etc) are useable in Cuba. Check with your local branch to establish if this is the case for you.
 What should I do if I have Cuban currency left over after my trip?
You must change these back to your local currency before leaving the island. In the departure lounge at all international airports is a good place the make the final exchange of remaining CUC’s.
 Where will I get my tourist visa for Cuba?
When tickets are purchased from this website, your tourist visa is obtained at the airport where you collect the tickets to Travel to Cuba provided by us.
 What if I am unable to travel directly from the US to Cuba?
Most people who travel from the U.S. use, what are known as, gateway cities. I many cases this is simply more convenient as there are probably no direct flights available for visits to Cuba directly from the US.
 Are all the planes old Russian built relics?
Myth. All the airlines now servicing Cuban airports from abroad upgraded there planes many years ago. You may fly on some later model Russian planes but, they are all modern.
 How will I get my tickets?
When purchased online from this website, your tickets are made available at the last point departure gateway (cancun, Montego Bay, Toronto, etc) by our staffs. This electronic mechanism requires a code number which is sent to you after payment.
 Can I simply “show up” at the hotels?
In most cases yes but we do not recommend it. It is always better to call in advance. You will receive a booklet with all the hotel #’s and we can book your first nights or all the nights if you provide is with your itinerary.
 Can I have a different car than the ones offered?
Yes, but only larger vehicles can be offered to accommodate larger families. This requires a small daily supplement.
 Are children included in the price?
Children up to 12 years of age are free. 12 -16 must pay a small daily supplement. Simply add children and obtain the rates.
 Is fuel easily available?
Yes, Cuba has an excellent selection of gas stations.
 Can we stay at just one hotel?
Yes, you can stay as long or as short a time as you like at any hotel listed.
 Can extra adults join us on this package?
Yes, the extra adults would simply pay the hotel portion of the package.
 Can I choose a series of hotels with this site?
Yes, once you have reserved your first hotel you will be offered the opportunity of searching again for further hotels.
 In what currency and how do I pay for the hotel?
All rooms are sold in USD but, our secure payment system bills all services in Canadian dollars to your credit card.
 Are there a lot of things to see in Old Havana?
In short yes. Almost all the museums and colonial architecture of Havana can be found in this area. The national art gallery, Museum of the revolution, Capitol Building, Car museums etc. are all within walking distance.
 If I add the hotel to my shopping cart can it be removed if I choose another?
Of course, simply click the shopping cart at any time to analyze, modify or delete your previous selections.
 Is all inclusive worth the extra cost?
Yes and no, if you are choosing a remote beach location or you are staying at one of the larger resorts you’ll probably want to stay there for most of your stay. If you are in the city, you will probably want to experiment with local restaurants while discovering the town so, we do not recommend all inclusive in this case. On a purely financial standpoint you’ll save money but, be informed that if you enjoy drinking Chivas Whisky or your favorite after meal liquor the cheaper and lower quality offerings may not suffice.
 Can I bring friends to my room?
If the friends are other guests at the hotel this is not an issue. Nevertheless, most hotels operate a strict guest only rule for access to the rooms so, be sure to request permission at reception before inviting your guest.
 If I stay in Old Havana do I need a car?
Old Havana is a walker’s paradise. Everything is within a short walk and, to get the full ambience of the area walking is your best bet.
 What type of vacation can I expect in Varadero?
Varadero is a relaxing place of recent construction. In many ways it offers 100% of all needs for those that are looking to relax and sunbathe but, is deficient in the areas of knowing the “real” Cuba. The main street offers some nice neo colonial buildings and restaurants plus, the idyllic Parque Jose which is an enclosed boating lake right on First Avenue. There are no galleries, museums nor real Cuban Culture but, there is abundance of nautical activities such as sailing, diving and snorkeling.
 How is the beach in Varadero?
It has been considered one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world by Conde Naste Traveller and we would not argue with there assessment. The beach extends along the whole length of the 21 KM Varadero peninsula and offers the finest whitest sand we’ve seen. It is also very clean due to daily raking and landscaping.
 What are the principal types of resorts in Varadero?
There are two distinct types of resorts in Varadero. The first is the high rise Hotel type synonymous with the Early 90’s. The second is the open plan resort which offers low rise (max 4 levels) villa and Cabin type accommodations. These latter resorts tend to be very large in size and, offer various pool areas and require a short walk to the various amenities.
 How is the nightlife in Varadero?
The format for nightlife in Varadero is very similar to the European format with large discotheques offering predominantly European Music. Conversely, the entertainment offered at most resort hotels is truly world class or better! Evening shows, theater, dancing and, small onsite discos are the norm and, as we said, very good indeed. The shows are particularly creative with a local cultural bent. Families with Children can expect to be well entertained.
 Can I take excursions to other areas of Cuba from Varadero?
Yes and, this is very common. After a few days in Varadero you will want to visit other areas of Cuba. The most popular excursions are Havana Colonial and, Trinidad. Both are a two hour bus ride and, offer a great one day insight into each place. Booking in advance is advisable and, we offer all excursions available from Varadero on this website.
 Is it easy to see all of Havana if I don’t stay in Old Havana?
Yes. In fact the majority of visitors tend to stay in Hotels outside of the old quarter due to the fact that they are less expensive and, situated within a short drive to the old quarter. These areas are Vedado, Playa, Miramar, Centro Habana and, Marina Hemingway. From any of these locations it is a breeze to drive down to Old Havana along the picturesque Malicon.
 Is there are Beach in Havana?
In the city there are no beaches but, Havana covers over 70 km’s of Coast line and thus, the Eastern Beaches are in Havana but, 25km drive from the city center. Visiting the beaches requires either a car or bus service, we would recommend the prior. Those who wish to visit the beach tend to spend a few days in the city and then a few days in another hotel at the Eastern Beach resort.
 How is the nightlife in Havana?
Amazing would be the best word to use. From quaint bars to large discos Havana has it all. Many visitors revel in the small patio bars surrounding most historic sites and, the slow intake of the numerous passing bands and street entertainment. Cuban’s make any party happen and, there open nature means that you’ll instantly make many friends if you need to. Jazz bars are now abundant and the music is often fantastic, our choice forn jazz bars goes to the “Gato Y El Tuerto” - Jazz Café and Restaurant in Vedado. Our choice for the best disco goes to “Macumba” which is the brainchild of the founder of the Macumba chain of discos littered around Europe.
 Do I need a car in Havana?
Most travelers tend to rent cars if Havana is the venue of the vacation. The city is large and covers over 70 km’s and most people find that being privately mobile is the best choice. On this site you’ll find the ideal vehicle fro you stay.
 Is Havana a Good place to start a tour of Cuba?
Yes. Havana provides a good initiation of Cuba and excellent inbound international flight options coupled to first rate national flight and transport connections at lower rates than other areas on the island. This is particularly the case if you intend to visit other major cities such as Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, Pinar Del Rio, Island of Youth, etc. This site offers all available transport options to these regions.
 How many days do I need to discover Old Havana?
Three whole days would provide a profound knowledge of the area and all you to visit all of the main sites. Many of our visitors take this route and spend three days in this area and the remaining part of there stay in other areas.
 Is there a limit to how many people can enjoy these packages?
No, there are no limits as such. Should there be a large group we will simply use additional transport.
 What if I already have a flight?
No problem, these packages are available with or without flights.
 Can I Taylor these packages to my specific needs?
Yes, our staff will work with you to add extra days or modify any part of any package.
 Are there discounts for Children?
Yes, in most cases Children are free, ask our agents for specific details.
 How are these packages confirmed?
You will receive a written confirmation prior to your arrival plus our staff will pick you up at the airport and provide you with all other paperwork.
 Can I add extra services to these packages?
Yes, you may add anything we offer on these pages. Common additions are rental cars, VIP arrival and cellular phones.
 Can I pre-pay all services with my Credit card?
Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards via a secure SSL based payment system.
 Will my card details be needed?
No, we do not request nor will you be asked to provide your card details by our staff. All payments are made by you, online, securely and in the comfort of home or office. Your card details are processed using SSL encryption and sent to your bank.
 Can I use a credit card from a US bank?
We are a European registered company and accept all major credit cards. Unfortunately, credit cards from U.S. owned banks issued in the U.S. (to U.S. Citizens) are not accepted in Cuba. Subsidiaries of U.S. Banks in other countries are usually not affected and most cards will work but check with your bank first. It is important to remember that is illegal for American Citizens to spend money in Cuba and a specific license is required to travel to the island.
 What will appear on my statement?
The charge will appear on your statement as “Online Travel Management – Viajes TenerifeVIP”
 Which currency will I pay in?
The charge will appear on your statement in the currency your card was issued in (Euros, Pounds, CAD, etc) the amount is converted automatically by the card issuer. Our website is in EURO’s so all online payments are billed in Euros. We also accept Canadian dollars which can be paid to our accounts in Canada. Ask your agent if you would prefer to pay in this or another currency.
 How long does it take to pay, is it complicated?
The payment process is very simple. If you are paying online: you will receive a link to an electronic invoice containing all of the services you have chosen. You will be asked to click on the final approval link which will take you to our online payment system. Once you have completed your details, payment takes around 10-30 seconds depending on your internet speed. For wire transfers you will receive an invoice explaining exactly how to pay and the currency to use. We accept; money orders, SWIFT and ABA wire transfers which typically take 24 hours to arrive.
 Who will receive my personal details and why?
Your travel arrangements are all handled in house by our agents. We only provide first and last name details to third parties. We do not provide; age or nationality. Only when checking into hotels or flying will you be required to provide ID.
 Should I decide on tours now or when I arrive?
We highly recommend booking your tours along with your vacation. Some tours are only available online and cannot be purchased locally.
 What if I become sick and cannot take the tour?
Providing you return the voucher to us we can refund to you using our usual refund policy.
 I need some assistance on the best tours to choose, where can I go?
We offer email, free phone; yahoo and ICQ chat and telephone assistance 6 days a week. Simply ask us for any help in choosing what you need.
 What type of transport is used for these tours?
All tours sold on this website use brand new Mercedes Benz, air-conditioned buses or, in the case of national flights, New Fokker twin engine passenger planes. We do not sell tours that do not provide this level of comfort and security.
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